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January 22, 2012

Anubis God of Embalming

Anubis was on of Ancient Egyptian Gods and Goddess , Anubis was a Greek name called for Man with a jackal head . Anubis was Protector of the embalming and dead , Ancient Egyptian people that Anubis was watched over the dead in cemeteries .

Name : Anubis meaning : n with a jackal head
Symbols : flags , jackal, flail , ox-hide hanging from a pole and embalming equipment,
Anubis Depiction : Anubis was as a black color dog who Isis or as a man with a jackal’s head who holds a old scepter. It is that Anubis was described as a jackal these scavengers were often seen lurking about tombs and graves. Ancient Egyptian people were practiced of decorating tombs and graves to protect the dead from jackals's desecration.

Anubis in Mythology Anubis assisted with regard to the funerary rites of the dead selected to assure admittance associated with the dead into the underworld. Worshipped as the particular god of mummification, it had been mentioned which Anubis invented the procedure of embalming throughout purchase in order to preserve the particular human body of Osiris whom ended up being quickly resurrected by Isis. Following a an individuals death, it had been believed which Anubis oversaw the embalming of the human body, welcomed the body into the tomb, performed the actual “Starting associated with the Mouth” ceremony, and even escorted each soul to the particular “Field of Celestial Offerings.” For the duration of the test in order to determine regardless of whether a soul ended up being worth entering the particular afterlife, Anubis monitored the particular Scales of Truth. This was completed with preclude any deception by the particular gods that would condemn the particular soul in order to the particular unjust fate of eternal death with regard to the abdomen of Ammut.


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