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January 23, 2012

Ramesside Period 1293-1069BC

Ramesside Period or Ramessa Dynasty

Ramesside Period king ( Ramous )
Reason of This name (Ramesside period) because the eleven Egyptian’s pharaohs ( Kings ) that took the name of Ramesses.

Ramesside Period between nineteenth Dynasties and twentieth Dynasties who ruled Egypt for 215 ears (1292- 1077 BC)

Ramesside Village discovered 2011

Ramesside Period in points :

  • Ramesses names come from Ramous (Ramses now); which is called by a number of pharaohs of Egypt at Ramesses Period,
  •  Ramesside come from Ramous Minister
  • The story goes that Ramous took power of Horemheb, who died and he had no heir to his family complements
  • Ramesside Period has special kind of arts, culture and architecture
    Ramesside culture collected between classic literature and modern literature
    The most famous literature at Ramesside period some religious texts and the fight story between hor and sit.
  • The back of a new method of architecture in the Ramesside period of the most prominent examples : the temple of Abu Simbel in Aswan


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