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January 22, 2012

Amenemhat I 1991-1962BC

Amenemhat i pyramid - Amenemhat i Sehetepibre  - Amenemhat i offering table

Amenemhat I or Sehetepibre
Amenemhat I was the founder of 12th dynasty of Ancient Egypt history . The 12th dynasty (Amenemhat I) was the first dynasty of the Middle Kingdom of Egypt .

Amenemhat i Statue
Amenemhat I ruled Ancient Egypt more 29 Years (1991 BC - 1962 BC). He was the vizier of Mentuhotep IV ( last King in 11th dynasty ) there are several archeologists thought Mentuhotep IV killed by Amenemhat I ,but there is not independent evidence to support this opinion .

Amenemhat I's son Senusret I followed in his father's footsteps, building his pyramid closer 6th dynasty pyramids .

Amenemhat I Family
Amenemhat I Father : Senusret
Amenemhat I Mother : Neferet I
Amenemhat I Wives : Neferitatenen ( Neferitatenen was mentioned on a statue belonging to her son Senusert I ) and Dedet
Amenemhat I Children :Senusret I, Neferu III , Kayet and Neferusherit

Amenemhat I Succession
Amenemhat is considered to be the first king of Egypt had coregency with Senusret I is a historian Panel double-dated in the thirtieth year of Amenemhat I, to the tenth year of Senusret I, which had provided that Senusret was made by the participant in the year of Amenemhat the guardian of the titles of 20.

Amenemhat I Pyramid

Amenemhat I Pyramid
Amenemhat I Pyramid is located between the Dahshur  and Meidum , in Lisht. Destroyed mortuary temple in ancient times, but it was built on a terrace cut in the hill. Has been influenced by the methods developed by the good Ra Nebhepetre ( Nebhepetre Mentuhotep ) of 11th dynasty .


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