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January 23, 2012

Djedefre Pharaoh 2566–2558BC

Djedefre was Khufu's son from unknown mother name . Djedefre was the 3rd Pharaoh in 4th dynasty in ancient Egypt history . He ruled Egypt more eight years ( 2566 BC –2558 BC ) .

Djedefre Head Statue
Djedefre was not the first candidate to the throne ; but his older brother Kawab was died in mysterious conditions ; most archeologists thinking Djedefre was killed his brother Kawab to get the throne but there is not approve about that .

Djedefre's Family
Djedefre married Kawab's widow Hetepheres II ; Hetepheres II was ( half ) sister both of them and there are several papyrus referring to Hetepheres II married the third brother Khafre , Djedefre had another wife she was Khentetka , She known from Djedefre's statues fragments in the Mortuary Temple Abu Rowash .

Djedefre's father : Khufu
Djedefre's mother : Unknown
Djedefre's brothers : Kawab , Khafre , Babaef I , Khufukhaf I , Baufra and Djedefra
Djedefre's sisters : Nefertiabet , Hetepheres II , Meritites II and Khamerernebty I
Djedefre's Children : Hornit , Baka , Setka , Neferhetepes , Hetepheres

Djedefre Pharaoh
Djedefre was the first king to use the "Son of Ra" in ancient Egyptian title, which may indicate that the worship of the sun god Re grown rapidly in Egypt. Before this, the pharaoh was the only other response was referred Reneb / Nebre second in the family.

Perhaps because of the holiday with family and his father (and possibly killed his brother), she moved Djedefre funerary temple and North Memorial's Rowash Dhabi, which is the northern part of the necropolis of Memphis, which extends up to Dahshur Meidum and in the south. There began a great pyramid, which rose to about 20 sessions before his death, and was discontinued. It is not clear what type of this pyramid was due to (stepped up, and fill in the step, "true"), but appears to have been more severe than the pyramid in Giza. And the wall of the box was full and the pyramid of a small space in the north-west, and a bridge leading to the Nile almost 1700 meters. Is to cut the bridge in the basis that in some places, rising 10-12 meters above the ground.

The pyramid's funerary temple on the south made ​​of brick, and a hole near the side that may have such as the solar boat of his fathers. Was found on a number of statues smashed and broken here - including what may be the Sphinx closer. If the actual statues, paintings, Djedefre seems to look very little like his younger brother, Khephren.

Djedefre's Pyramid : lets know more details and secrets about Djedefre Pyramid

Djedefre Pyramid ( Ruins )
Unfortunately Djedefre's pyramid is ruins now located at Abu Rawash in Egypt ; Several archeologists thought Djedefre's pyramid  had never been completed before. But archeologists nowadays believe the Djedefre Pyramid completed in Djedefr's period and it was originally about the same size as the Pyramid of Menkaure ; The archeologists it have been the most beautiful of the pyramids, with an exterior of polished, imported granite, limestone and crowned with a large Pyramidion . That is big reason to become ruins now because the Roman deconstructed the pyramid to build their own construction projects after the conquest of Egypt under Roman Emperor Augustus .


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