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January 30, 2012

Sekhemkhet Unfinished Pyramid Saqqara

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Sekhemkhet's Pyramid

Westward of the Unas Structure , we come to the Pyramid Complex of Sekhemkhet in ancient Egypt . In front of the ruins of this Pyramid Complex ( Sekhemkhet unfinished pyramid ), we see stone blocks spread over a wide area .
Sekhemkhet Pyramid Saqqara - Egypt
What happened here ?
It appears that this pyramid was never finished .
From the size of its foundation , it appears that the finished step pyramid was to seven steps , rising to a height of 230' (70m) .

What is special about this "unfinished " Pyramid ?- Sekhemkhet pyramid
There was no sign here of a central mastaba , as in the case of Zoser's Pyramid. The whole building was laid out , from the beginning , as a step pyramid .

Who built the Sekhemkhet unfinished pyramid ?
It seems that this pyramid was built during the reign of king Sekhemkhet (2611-2603B.C) . There is no direct evidence or any inscription or identification of Sekhemkhet or any body else , inside the Pyramid .
Sekhemkhet Pharaoh
No identification . This is strange .
The mystery if the pyramids begins with Sekhemkhet because his and all subsequent masonry pyramids did not have any official inscriptions , whatever .

Do you think these blocks were man-made also ?
Yes . the stone blocks here are similar in size to Zoser's Pyramid , To confirm that the blocks were man-made , they found the pharaoh's name ( Sekhemkhet ) on monuments in Sinai , near the mine sites to the arsenic minerals which are need to make limestone blocks .

Around the site you will notice a shallow mud ramp .

What was that ramp for ?
It was probably used as a constructor ramp . Since the blocks here small , ramps may have been used .

So , what did they find underneath this Unfinished Pyramid ?
  • There was no vertical shaft ( like Zoser's ) but there is an underground room 98' (30m) deep , under the center of the pyramid .
  • The access to the underground room is a sloping tunnel . The entrance point is located on the north side of the pyramid .
  • In the lone underground room ,they found an unsubscribed stone chest , consisting of the single hollow black of alabaster , with has an opening at on e end , instead of a lid , The opening was closed with a sliding door , also of alabaster , and sealed with comment that raised and the stone chest turned out to be completely empty . In short , the stone chest was found sealed in an undisturbed statues, but empty.
  • There are no inscriptions whatsoever in the underground room or inn the stone chest.
An empty , unfinished stone chest , What for ?
This may have something to do with this ancient egyptian mysterious custom if what we refer to ,for a lack of a better term ,as "Double Burial "ancient Egypt .

Did they find other things underneath this pyramid ?
Actually , they did . They found a door framed by an arch .

An arch ? So long ago ?
Yes . its existence proves to the world that Ancient Egyptians invested and used the arches thousands of years before the Greeks and Romans did .

The Discovery of the Unfinished Step Pyramid of Sekhemkhet in Saqqara

Sekhemkhet King and his Pyramid :


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