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January 26, 2012

Ancient Egypt and the art of tattoos

The man was pronounced the body for thousands of years. Could have put these signs or normal, and has been used to show their status in the community or tribe, and amulets, and to shed light on religious beliefs, and as a form of punishment, or the declaration of love . Found the first evidence of tattoos on mummies, many women of ancient Egypt. Mummies dating from 2000 BC. The man was found in the ice until the Austro-Italian border in 1991 tattoos on his body. Carbon-dating of the Iceman, and found that the archaeologists on the remains of about 5200 years.
tattoos in ancient Egypt
In archaeological excavations, were found on the tools of the old tattoo Gurob town in northern Egypt. These tools were used in all regions of British Columbia, 1450. Bronze tools. Initially, archaeologists assumed that the only female tattoo of suspicion in ancient Egypt. However, it was found on female mummies tattoos in Deir el-Bahari, a monastery, the burial site where members of the royal family and significant others. And the mummies of women known as Amunet based on enrollment and the high priestess in ancient Egypt.

For years, people believed that in ancient times, tattoos were only prostitutes, but this is not true. According to Smithsonian magazine, women in ancient Egypt, a tattoo, which will have a permanent amulet that will protect them during pregnancy and subsequent birth. Found this tattoo on his stomach, the upper thighs and breasts. They were in the form of points, distributed in a similar way to the net. Convinced he was found with the mummies of Bes figures and deities of ancient Egypt through the house, and archaeologists that the custom of women during these periods.

Although there is no written evidence on the Tattoo in Ancient Egypt, and believed that the older women of the community is responsible for the tattoos on younger women, similar to the way it been made in Egypt during the 19th century. The tools of this tattoo was high with wooden handles. Was discovered a tool like this at Abydos, and by archaeologist WMF Petrie appointed Gurob was the tool again dated 3000 BC. The tool of bronze, and appeared very similar to the needle flat and wide. Was probably a set of needles used to do a lot of points on the body.

It may be interesting to note that these ancient tools used in tattoos were very similar in appearance to the tools used in Egypt tattooing in the 19th century. He described the English writer named William Lane the way it was a tattoo in ancient Egypt. He said he was about seven to link together for a needle stick in the skin. The mixed wood or oil smoke black with the breast milk of women and then rubbed on the models that have been tingling. Women are responsible for Roma and tattoos and tattoo girls aged between 5 and 6. The diamond-shaped patterns or lines consist of points.


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