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January 21, 2012

Ancient Egyptian Pyramids Facts , Images and Information

The Egyptian Pyramids is one of the seven wonders of the world ( Khufu Pyramid ); The ancient Egyptian Pyramid were built for ancient Egyptian pharaoh during old kingdom in ancient Egyptian period .The pyramids were built as Pharaoh's Tombs . 138 ancient Egyptian pyramids discovered in Egypt till now.

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Egyptian Pyramids
The first Egyptian Pyramid discovered is Saqqara Pyramid in Giza. The Saqqara Pyramid is Djoser's Pyramid - Djoser's Tomb. This pyramid constructed between 2630 BC - 2611 BC more 19 years in fact. The Saqqara Pyramid was built during 3rd Dynasty period.

The ancient Egyptian pyramids design:
The ancient Egyptian thought the Egyptian pyramids is representative the descending rays of the sun; and the pyramids were faced with glossed to have a great appearance when viewed from distance

Ancient Egyptian Pyramids
How many pyramids in Egypt and where ?
  • There are 138 pyramids discovered in Egypt last one on 11 / 11 / 2008
  • 1842 Karl Richard Lepsius announced List of Egyptian pyramids consist of 67 ancient Egyptian pyramids .
  • 2008 The Egyptian Ministry announced new list of ancient Egyptian pyramids consist of 138 Pyramids .

The locations of ancient Egyptian pyramids , names and the construction period will now it form the next table

c. 2630–2612 BC


Sneferu ( Bent Pyramid )

c. 2612–2589 BC


Sneferu ( Red Pyramid )

c. 2612–2589 BC


Sneferu (Meidum Pyramid)

c. 2612–2589 BC


c. 2589–2566 BC


Djedefre (Djedefre Pyramid)

c. 2566–2558 BC

Abu Rawash

c. 2558–2532 BC


Menkaure (Menkaure Pyramid)

c. 2532–2504 BC



c. 2487–2477 BC

Abu Sir

Neferirkare Kakai

c. 2477–2467 BC

Abu Sir

Nyuserre Ini

c. 2416–2392 BC

Abu Sir

Amenemhat I

c. 1991–1962 BC


Senusret I

c. 1971–1926 BC


Senusret II

c. 1897–1878 BC


Amenemhat III

c. 1860–1814 BC



c. 721 BC



c. 664 BC


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Djoser , Sneferu , Khufu , Djedefre , Khafre , Menkaure , Sahure , Neferirkare Kakai , Nyuserre Ini , Amenemhat I , Senusret I , Senusret II , Amenemhat III, Piye , Taharqa

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