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January 27, 2012

Step Pyramid of Djoser facts at Saqqara Part 1

The Pyramid complex of Djoser (Zoser)
  Djoser Step Pyramid

The Step Pyramid of Djoser is located within the boundaries of the Pyramid Complex of Djoser. This Complex was built during the reign of King Djoser (Zoser) (2630B.C.-2611B.C.)

Djoser (Zoser) Step Pyramid
The  Djoser Step Pyramid contains at least one million tons of stones

The Complex contains , in addition to the Step Pyramid , several building , colonnades and temples . The whole Djoser (Zoser) Complex is a masterpiece of harmony and order . The Complex is masterpiece the First Major Construction in Stone .

Was this the first time Egyptians used stone in their building ?
Prior to Djoser (Zoser), stone was quarried , transported and dressed . Egyptians may have used just a few tones of limestone during the First and Second Dynasties .The Step Pyramid Complex Djoser (Zoser) contains at least one million tons of stones . It is incredible that such a sudden increase in production could have been achieved , in just on generation .

This Complex deserves as much attention as the Great pyramids of Giza . The amount of stone used in the Djoser Complex ( such as the enclosure wall ) indicates mastery of stone-making , before the time of Khufu ( Cheops in Greek ) .

Tell me about enclosure wall :
The enclosure wall is part of the Djoser Complex that King Djoser built . it surrounds an area more than a square mile . When complete , the enclosure wall was nearly 600 yards (549m) long , and 3000 yards (247m ) wide , and rode to a high of over 30' (9.1). It is built of limestone and faced with fine polished limestone in Ancient Egypt .

The enclosure wall was a major project in itself .
Yes . Its successive recesses and projections required more than triple the amount of both stone and labor of a similar simple wall .

Where do we enter the Djoser (Zoser) Pyramid Complex ?
The Enclosure Wall , which surrounds the Complex , has 14 bastion gates , but only one is real . the other 13 are simulated . The reason for such simulated gates remains a total mystery .

Lets go through the only entrance .

After going through the entrance , we walk through see beautiful colonnade . We then turn right and continue towards the Djoser (Zoser) Pyramid .

On the right hand side one can notice Fluted columns .
These columns are fluted , which looks the same as the ell -Known Doric columns of Greece .

Are these columns older than the Greek Columns ?
These Egyptian columns are at least two thousands years older than the Greek columns .

So , Why are they called Greek Doric columns , when they are actually of Egyptian design ?
it is a historical deception .

Step Pyramid :


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Zoser Pyramid is most attractive Great Pyramid in Ancient Egypt

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