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January 26, 2012

Imhotep - Builder of the Zoser Step Pyramid

Imhotep The Builder of the Zoser's Step Pyramid
Imhotep Statue
Who designed this complex ?
His name was Imhotep he was Zoser's architect and Vizier . He held many titles , among them m the builder , the Sculptor . the Builder , the Sculptor , the Maker of Stone Vases . He was also called "The Inventor " of the art building with polished ( was mistranslated by many as hewn ) stone . He was the first to use stone if such large magnitude of such large magnitude in building .

his knowledge and wisdom were renowned for thousands of years . The Greeks called him Imuthes and identified him with their god Aesculapius , son of Apollo .

He is Considered in history as the greatest father of masons .


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