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January 24, 2012

Snefru Pharaoh Facts

Snefru Bent pyramid , Snefru Red pyramid , Snefru Medium Pyramid

Snefru pharaoh or Senephru or Sneferu
Snefru pharaoh the founder of the 4th Dynasty of ancient Egyptian history . Senferu ruled ancient Egypt more 24 years ( 2613 BC - 2589 BC ) ; Snefru meaning in ancient Egyptian language ( Hieroglyphs ) : " The Beauty Maker "

Snefru Pharaoh
Snefru was married Hetepheres ; Hetepheres was the daughter of Huni King the last king in 3rd dynasty ; Many historian was thought Huni King was Snefru's father ; Hetepheres was Huni's daughter from queen and Snefru was Huni's from maid ; so Sneferu pharaoh decided to marry Hetepheres because that is only way to get the throne .

The Ancient Egyptian People in Egypt was like Sneferu pharaoh so much because he ruled Egypt by Justice and Peace

Building projects in Sneferu's period

Sneferu's Family :
Sneferu’s father : Huni
Sneferu’s mother : Meresankh ( Not Confirmed by Historic Papyrus

Sneferu’s Sons :
  • Khufu : From Hetepheres I Sneferu’s wife
  • Ankhhaf : Unknown mother name
  • Kanefer : Unknown mother name
  • Nefermaat I : The eldest son of Sneferu  ( unknown mother name )
  • Netjeraperef : unknown mother name
  • Rahotep : from Sneferu's first wife unknown name
  • Ranefer : Unknown mother name
  • Iynefer I : Unknown mother name
Sneferu's daughters :
  • Nefertkau I : Third King’s Daughter of his Body, eldest daughter of Sneferu.
  • Hetepheres :A married Ankhhaf. Her mother : Queen Hetepheres.
  • Nefertnesu : Had a son named Kaemqed , King’s daughter, God’s Daughter.
  • Meritites I : Married to her brother Khufu. Great of Sceptre and King’s Wife.
  • Henutsen : M arried to Khufu
Sneferu's Building projects

Sneferu was built three Pyramids in his period ( Meidum Pyramid - Bent pyramid  and the Red Pyramid ) ; The three Pyramids were the excellent step in evolution in Pyramid's structure ; The next step was the Khufu's Pyramid the laregest structure in History ( One of the seven wonder of the world )

The Bent Pyramid 

Snefru Bent Pyramid
Bent Pyramid known as Rhomboidal Pyramid or Blunted Pyramid . Bent Pyramid was the big symbol of advanced architectural innovation

Type of Bent Pyramid  : True Pyramid
Height  : 101.1 metres (332 ft)
Base : 188.6 metres (619 ft)
Slope : 54°27' (lower) 43°22' (upper)

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Red Pyramid
From the first glance you will see the advanced architectural and complexity construction .
Snefru Red pyramid Egypt
Type of Red Pyramid : True Pyramid
Height  : 104 metres (341 ft)
Base : 220 metres (722 ft)

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Meidum Pyramid

Snefru Meidum Pyramid

Meidum Pyramid : The archaeologists are thought to have been built for Huni king . The Meidum Pyramid was the first step to turn pyramid construction from steps pyramid to true pyramid.

Type of Meidum Pyramid : Step Pyramid
Height : 65 metres (213 ft) (ruined)
{From base to summit: 93.5 metres (307 ft)}
Base : 144 metres (472 ft)
Slope : 51°50'35

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