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January 22, 2012

Taharqa the Nubian King 690 - 664 BC

Taharqa the Nubian king - Taharqa pyramid - Taharqa in the bible
Taharqa was the 5th Pharaoh in ancient egypt 25th dynasty ; Taharqa was king of Kush Kingdom (Taharqa The Nubian King ) , Kush located in southern Egypt or Northern Sudan.

Taharqa the Nubian King Statue
Taharwa's father (Piye) was the first king conquered Egypt and founder the 25th dynasty so Taharqa came from Nubian as we said before . Taharwa ruled Egypt more 26 years (690 BC - 664 BC) after Shebitku .

Taharqa's Family
Taharqa Family
Taharqa's Father : Piye
Taharqa's Mother : Abar
Taharqa's Wives : Unknown
Taharqa's brothers and sisters : Har , Pharaoh Taharqa , Queen Takahatenamun ,God's Wife Shepenupet II, Queen Naparaye , Queen Qalhata, Queen Arty , Queen Tabekenamun and Khaliut
Taharqa's Children : Amenirdis II, Ushankhuru, Nesishutefnut

Invasion of Egypt by Assyrian and Taharqa's Defending
It was during his reign that the Assyrian enemies of Egypt in the last invasion of Egypt. Esarhaddon led several campaigns against Taharqa, which he recorded on several monuments. His first attack in 677 BC, to pacify Arab tribes around the Dead Sea, took him as far as the brook of Egypt. Esarhaddon then to invade Egypt in the right year of the reign of Taharqa 17, after Esarhaddon had settled a revolt at Ashkelon. Taharqa defeated the Assyrians on that occasion. Three years later in 671 BC, the Assyrian king captured and sacked Memphis, where he captured many members of the royal family. Taharqa fled south, and Esarhaddon reorganized the political structure in the north, establishing Necho I as king at Sais. When returning to Assyria Esarhaddon he erected a victory stela showing Taharqa Ushankhuru the young son in bondage.

From the beginning of the Assyrian king, however, Taharqa intrigued in the affairs of Lower Egypt, and fanned numerous revolts. Esarhaddon died en route to Egypt, and it was left to his son and heir Assurbanipal again invade Egypt. Assurbanipal defeated Taharqa, who later fled to Thebes. Taharqa died in the city of Thebes in 664 BC and was replaced by his designated successor, a son of Shabaka Tantamana. Taharqa was buried at Nuri - Northern Sudan

Taharqa's Constructions ( Taharqa's Pyramid at Nuri )

Taharqa's Pyramid at Nuri
Taharqa built the Great Pyramid in the Napatan region . It was not particularly impressive additions made to the temple in the temple of Karnak and the new Kawa, and the temple on Mount Barkal


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