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January 22, 2012

Ancient Egypt Pyramid Giza First day in Egypt

Today i will speak with you about ancient Egypt pyramids in the past time but before speaking about it ( Ancient Egyptian pyramids ) i will describe the pyramids street ( Ahram Street ) in Egypt In Giza , So if you want to travel To Egypt our site will help you because i will describe every details things

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Ancient Egyptian Pyramids
Let's Start

The Greek historian Herodotus said of the Bile “It is god's gift to Egypt”; and indeed, Without the Nile, Egypt could not exit. The great river is the life force of the country, and the development of Egypt has depended on the Nile for the thin strip of fertile Land that runs along its banks through the center of the country. Before it splays into the Delta, The Nile is a narrow blue strip, edged with green, which divides the vast wastes of the desert into the Western and Eastern deserts. One theory advanced, as an explanation of the highly developed state of geometry in Ancient Egypt is symmetry of line afforded by the contrast of the river bordered on either side by side the desolate sands of the desert, stretching in both directions s far as the eye can see. Whether Egypt's Geometry is connected with its geography is difficult so say, but it is interesting to note that the present - day City of Dead on the east bank of the river in Cairo is balanced on the western bank at nearby Giza by the Great Pyramids which we can call the " Ancient City Of the Dead " fating back to the age of the Pharaohs.

The road from Cairo to Giza runs directly south from the Sheraton hotel. The sights of that road include the done roof of Cairo University and Luxuriant foliage of the trees flourishing in the Cairo Zoo. One of the Zoo's imamates that are more unusual is a rare bird called a "shoe-bill" because its great-flattened bill looks like a shoe. The Egyptians call it , rather endearingly , " Papa of a Sheo " Although the animal really is rather grotesque , it is quite oblivious to its appearance and happily struts about its home in a the zoo .

Farther south, the street crosses Ahram Road, which leads to the Great Pyramids, "Ahram," the Arabic word for “Pyramids," is also the name of the country's leading daily newspaper, which bears as its logo three red pyramids on its front page.

Egyptian Sphinx
On both sides of Ahram road, vendors sell sweet corn, watermelons and Qulla. Qulla are natural water coolers and are the Egyptians' way of ensuring a supply of delicious cool water even in this hot climate. Because the urns are made of earthenware and are unglazed, the water inside slowly seeps out it the surface and rapidly evaporates. The action of seepage and evaporation keeps the water in the pot cool, so that even if the urn, the water inside will always be refreshing.

At the outskirts of the City. Modern building no longer dominate the scenery, witch has acquired a rural expression. A conglomeration of small shacks blights the Semi pastoral scenes scene, however.

Soon The Familiar shapes of the great pyramids rise into view I had a rather strange sensation as my car approached them. It was as if the pyramids were receding into distance, giving me the impression that it would take ages to reach them. In fact, they are no more than fifteen to twenty minute drive from central Cairo. Nevertheless, before the days of the automobile. it tool three hours by donkey to reach them , witch probably heightened a traveler's anticipation .


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