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January 22, 2012

Introduction to Ancient Egypt

Old people in Egypt say “ Nile is god’s Gift “ and “ Egypt is Nile’s Gift “ so “Egypt is Allah Gift “ , The Ancient Egyptian civilization or Pharaonic civilization was in Northeastern Africa along lower reaches of a river of Nile .

Nile River Valley

We will speak about Pharaonic civilization of 3200 BC; the period before Ancient Egyptian family Called (Prehistoric Egypt) with political and military unification of the kingdoms (Provinces in Ancient times) Upper Egypt and lower at Narmer king period (first pharaoh)

The Ancient Egyptian history divided into periods for example:
  • Prehistoric period
  • Ptolemaic period
  • Romanian period
  • Coptic period
  • Islamic period
  • The modern period
  • The contemporary period
Some people think the Ancient Egypt Civilization was staple  but the right fact the ancient Egypt occurred in a series of stable Kingdoms, separated by periods of relative instability known as Intermediate Periods ; it was so strong in Ramesside Period after which it entered a period of slow decline , Egypt was conquered by foreign  army in this Late Period (Romanian period )

The secret of ancient Egypt successful story is the Nile … Yes; The Nile River Valley is excellent earth to give the ancient Egyptian surplus corps because the floods come from the Nile.

The food satisfaction give to Egyptian big chance to social development and make attractive culture: not tat only but the Egyptian ancient Egypt period sponsored the mineral utilizing of the surrounding Egyptian desert regions and the Nile River valley.

Agriculture in ancient Egypt

They got a huge development in writing system in ancient Egypt, organize the agriculture projects and they made a strong ancient Egyptian army to face and defeat foreign enemies and ancient Egypt dominance.

The ancient Egyptian successful story include a excellent achievements of constructions as we know the great ancient Egyptian pyramids , obelisks and temples beside the construction there re a good success in ancient Egyptian medicine ., irrigation systems and agricultural production techniques  , Notice : the first ships known was Egyptian , faience industry and ancient Egypt glass technology industry . all of above and more make the scientists search for ancient Egyptian success story from along time more 7000 years till now


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