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January 21, 2012

Menkaure Pharaoh 2494–2472BC

Menkaure Pharaoh 2494 –2472 BC | khamerernebty , Pyramid and facts

Menkaure or Men-Kau-Ra was son of Khafre and the sixth Pharaoh in 4th dynasty in ancient egypt history ; Menkaure was ruled ancient egypt more 29 years ( 2494 BC –2472 BC ). He was owner of the third and smallest Pyramid in Giza ( Menkaure 's Tomb ) .

Menkaure and Khamerernebty statue
Notice : Several archeologists thought he was ruled Egypt 18 years only and there are two reason number 1 \ The Turin King List has him ruling for eighteen years which is the period given to him by different writers and number 2 \ Many of Menkaure 's statues were unfinished upon his death—suggesting the shorter Period .

Menkaure Family

Menkaure Father : Khafre
Menkaure Wife : khamerernebty 
Menkaure Mother : Khamerernebty I
Menkaure Brothers and Sisters : Khenterka, Ankhmare, Nebemakhet, Duaenre, Niuserre, Akhre , Shepsetkau , Hemetre , Iunmin , Iunre, Sekhemkare, Nikaure , Khamerernebty II and Rekhetre
Menkaure Children :Khentkaus I , Khuenre and Shepseskaf

Menkaure Pyramid

Menkaure pyramid Egypt
Menkaure's pyramid at Giza was defined as Netjer-er-Menkaure which "Menkaure is Divine" Menkaure's pyramid was finished around the twenty-sixth century B.C . The Menkaure's pyramid is the smallest of the 3 pyramids at Giza ( Khufu , Khafre and Menkaure ) . There are 3 Sub pyramids with the Pyramid of Menkaure . These pyramids are G-IIIa ( part pyramid), G-IIIb ( part pyramid) and G-IIIc (Western part pyramid). In the ancient chapel with G-IIIa a Queen's statue was found. It is potential that these pyramids were meant for Khafra's Queens . It may be that Khamerernebti 's Tomb . More details about Menkaure Pyramid .


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