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January 25, 2012

Djoser Pharaoh Facts

Djoser King owner of the Saqqara Pyramid , Djoseris most famous Kind in the 3rd dynasty of the ancient Egyptian's history ; He delegate Imhotep to build the first pyramid in the ancient Egyptian history to be his tomb that is mean Saqqara pyramid is Djose's Tomb .

Djoser pharaoh
Djoser king ruled or region ancient egypt more 29 years from 2640BC - 2611BC . As per Manetho's Papyrus ; However , many historian said the reign length was 19 years ( 2630BC - 2611BC ) because Tarin's Papyrus refereed to 19 years only .

Djoser was most strongest king in third dynasty in ancient egypt .

Djoser king in little lines :

1 - Memphis was the ancient egypt capital in that period of time .
2 - Djoser discovered a lot of copper and turquoise in Sinai , That mining was helped him to create a huge construction for example Saqqara pyramid
3 - Djoser was expended Egyptian's border south and west .

The Djoser's Statue

Djoser's Statue was found in a narrow rooms known as Crypt ( Cerdab )- Crypt photos - locate northeast of the Djoser's tomb in Saqqara Pyramid .

The King's Family :
Djoser's Father: Sanakhte
Djoser's Mother: Nimaethap
Djoser's Wife: Inetkawes
Djoser's Children: Unknown

Saqqara Pyramid : 

Djoser step pyramid
the tomb gradually expanded until the structure included six stepped up today, are still visible, high up to a height of 60 meters. Depicting alleged by the architect Imhotep, the entire complex measures 277 X 544 meters and is surrounded by a high wall in which a real and false doors fourteen. Called secondary mastaba tomb and regardless of the pyramid itself, the compound includes among other things, open courtyards several, some of which is used in connection with the Festival of the dam, and the 'South Tomb', and two buildings that have been interpreted as a representation of the shrines and Upper Egypt Lower Egypt, and the basement with a statue of the king, and many other buildings. Sought the pyramid complex built entirely in stone, in the earlier tradition of the structures made of perishable materials. Each of the pyramid and Cemetery South Apartments contain groundwater, used for the burial of the king and one of eleven members of his family, which is partially decorated with blue faience tiles with the imaging performance of the rites of the king during a royal jubilee.


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