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January 25, 2012

Khufu Pharaoh Facts 2589 BC - 2566 BC

Khufu Pyramid - Khufu ship - Khufu mummy

Khufu pharaoh
Khufu pharaoh the owner of the largest Pyramid in the Ancient Egyptian history . Khufu's Pyramid on of the seven wonders of the world .

Khufu pharaoh Statue

He was the second pharaoh  in the 4th dynasty after Snefru pharaoh (The Fourth Dynasty Founder ) . Khufu ruled ancient egypt from (2589BC - 2566BC) more 23 years .

Khufu's Family 
Khufu's father : Snefru
Khufu's mother : Hetepheres
Khufu's brothers : Khufu , Ankhhaf , Kanefer , Nefermaat I , Netjeraperef , Rahotep , Ranefer and Iynefer I
Khufu's sisters : Nefertkau I , Hetepheres , Nefertnesu , Meritites I and Henutsen

Khufu's children 

Khufu's Sons :
  • Kawab  : The Khufu and Meritites I's eldest son .
  • Khafre : Khufu and Queen Henutsen's son
  • Babaef I : Was Called Khnum-baf
  • Khufukhaf I – son of Khufu and Henutsen
  • Baufra , Djedefhor and Djedefra 
Khufu's Doughtier :
  • Nefertiabet
  • Hetepheres II : Was Khufu and Meritites I's Daughter, Married to Kawab, and later married to the pharaoh Djedefre.
  • Meritites II – Married to Akhethotep (Director of the Palace).
  • Khamerernebty I –  Was Menkaura's mother , married to Khafre .
It was the Egyptian Pharaoh Khufu, also known as the Greek name, Cheops, the second pharaoh of the Fourth Dynasty; He was built the Great Pyramid in Giza.

Khufu's Biography lets kow more confirmed details and secrets about Khufu Pyramid

Khufu Pyramid
The name of Khufu full Khnum - Khufu, which means (The God) Khnum protect me. "He was the son of Queen Hetepheres Sneferu and I believe he had three wives. He is famous for building the Great Pyramid at Giza, one of the Seven Wonders of the World, but apart from this, we do not know very little about it. A statue in his only alive, ironically, the smallest piece of sculpture, the royal Egyptian discovered ever: 7.5 cm (3 inches) high statue of ivory found at Abydos.

The King Cheops to the throne, and perhaps during the twenties, and immediately began work on his pyramid. The entire project took about 23 full years, and during the time of the transfer of 2.3 million blocks, each block weighing an average of 2.5 tons. Was appointed his nephew prime Hemiunu construction of the Great Pyramid. It was the first pharaoh Khufu to build a pyramid in Giza. The sheer magnitude of this monument stands as testimony to his skills in leading the human and material resources of his country. And it is now believed the pyramids were built using labor instead of slaves recruited. The idea that Khufu used slaves to build the pyramid comes from the Greek historian Herodotus. It also describes Khufu as a leader cruel and wicked, who prostitutes his daughter when he ran short of money. But West car Papyrus describes Khufu as the property of Eastern traditional good-nature, amiable to his inferiors and those interested in the nature of human existence and magic.

Although not remember fondly, like his father, was still tracking the funerary cult of Khufu in Dynasty 26, and became increasingly popular during the period ROMANIAN.

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