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January 27, 2012

Ancient Egyptian Pyramids Facts for kids

The Genuine Masonry Pyramids

Ancient Egyptian Pyramids - Egyptian Pyramids - Pyramids of Egypt

Egyptian Pyramids
There are only 10 Pyramids in Egypt   and you will say :

You mentioned ten Pyramids and I thought that there were many more .
There are numerous structure which have / had the shape pyramids . The genuine pyramids , however , are those which consist of solid core masonry .

So , tell me about there genuine masonry pyramids .
These ten pyramids are located within 50 miles (80KM) of each other . They were all built during the third and Fourth dynasty . In a little more than a century . twenty-five million tones was used to build these pyramids , Later , ungenuine pyramids were built during the Fifth and later Dynasties.

OK , What are these ungenuine pyramids made of ?
They were built of loose stone rubble and sand , sandwiched between stone walls. most are now little more than heaps of rubble , because this type of construction rapidly deteriorates , once the casing is badly damaged or removed .

So , the core material of the pyramid determines whether it is genuine or ungenuine ?
Exactly .

Ok , so what are the ten masonry pyramids ?
They are in order that they were built :

1 - Djoser's Step Pyramid at Saqqara and Part 2
2 - Sekhmet's Unfinished Pyramid at Saqqara
3 - Khaba's Layer Pyramid at Zawyet El Aryan
4 - Huni and /Or Snefru Medium Pyramid at Medium
5 - Snefru Bent Pyramid at Dahshur
6 - Snefru Red Pyramid at Dahshur
7 - Khufu's Great Pyramid at Giza
8 - Djedefre's Pyramid at Abu -Rawash
9 - Khafre's Pyramid at Giza and Journey Inside Khafre Pyramid
10 - Menkaure's Pyramid at Giza .

These pyramids and their surrounding temples and building were glorious monuments . Because of time , but mostly because of human barbarism , many of these monuments are now nothing but stone , debris and occasional walls .

We shall search for the truth among of ruins .

Can you tell me a brief chronology of the pharaohs responsible for ten Pyramids ?
The Pyramid Age started with the Pharaoh Zoser who left his identification in the underground chambers . and later built the Step Pyramid on top . However , the other nine pyramids are totally void of ANY Official inscription. They have been attributed to specific pharaohs' based only on some nearby buildings and tombs , which indirectly refer to these pharaohs' names but not as the builders of these pyramids . There is no direct evidence linking these pharaohs to the pyramids themselves .

The common story continuous to be thought in schools stating that how pyramids are about 5,000 years old . There are some scholars tho challenge this , and place the building of he pyramids at around 10,0000 B.C. These views should not be dismissed , because the common view itself is not well supported .

So , why did they build these pyramids without leaving their inscriptions ?
We don't know for sure . but one should conclude that they were unselfish Kings , and they probably built them for a higher and more noble cause , unknown to us .

Yes , yo would think that they would take credit fir their achievements , by leaving their names on them .
They must have been humble rulers and not tyrants , as Hollywood and TV choose to portray them .

Egyptian Pyramids
So , who are these e pyramids ' pharaohs ?

Third Dynasty :
  • Zoser : 2630 - 2611BC.
  • Sekhemkhet : 2611-26031BC.
  • Khaba : 2603 - 2599 1BC.
  • Huni 2599 2575 1BC.

Fourth Dynasty :
  • Snefru : 2575 - 2551 1BC.
  • Khufu ( Cheops ) 2551 - 2528 1BC.
  • Djedefre : 2528 - 2520 1BC.
  • Khafre (Chephren) 2520 - 2494 1BC.
  • Menkaure (Mycerinus) 2494 - 2472 1BC.

The capital city of Egypt ( from 3150 B.C. to 1783 B.C.) was Memphis , a few mils east of Saqqara .

I always wanted ti ask about all these dynasties . how and why did one end and another begin ?
In Ancient Egypt , the eldest daughter inherited the throne . If she married , her husband became the pharaoh . So, if a pharaoh didn't have any daughters a new dynasty started .

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